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Climate Change Scientist

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(photo Gabe Foley)

2021 BOTY!

BirdLife South Africa's Bird of the Year 2021 is the Cape Rockjumper! See how I'm involved


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Stories from my research as well as just random from around the house.


me in a nutshell

"Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell?"

Even before watching my first episode of Star Trek, I grew up wanting adventure and political intrigue. I soon realized I wanted to be a gold-shirt wearing member of Star Fleet, or whichever intergalactic peacekeeping operation happened to be de rigour in the 21st century (still waiting...). To this end, I initially procured a BA in Chinese history, assuming our future would be one of Firefly realty, with Chinese economic control.  However, after extensive traveling & procrastinating I soon realised that despite my love of travel and politics I was more suited to the Star Fleet blue shirt of science, and so returned to university, this time acquiring a BSc Honours from Dalhousie University. Biology would still enable the travel, but with a focus on collecting data instead of discerning treasonous plots.  

After a BSc from Dalhousie, I took on an internship at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center while looking into (post-)graduate opportunities abroad. This brought me to South Africa, where I spent the next 5 years working on Cape Rockjumpers, and gaining my MSc, PhD, and what I assume will be a constant yearning to return to the birthplace of humankind. 

Currently, I am back in Canada (in Lake of Bays, Ontario) working on publishing results of my PhD (and a bit of MSc), and looking for exciting post-doctoral opportunities to come. 

In my free time I love travel, photography, and travel photography (see my instagram), my cat (Lieutenant Nyota Uhura), occassionally my other cat (Hyperion), good food, camping, and knitting sweaters.


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